This California Sage Bundle is indeed packed with the Highest Intent of Prosperity, Abundance, & Clarity!

Not more to speak about the Powerful HEALING when burning our Blessed Sage- Reports of a MORE PLEASANT SPACE,  Better ENERGY & FOCUS! These bundles are used to Clear the Workspaces @ The Healing Hut South!sa


1. Help Healing: The burning scent of white sage can calm the mind and make the body cleansed.
2. Excellent Connotation: The smoke made by white sage bundle has the potential to turn on light, which can bring prayers into heaven.
3. Cleansing Function: Send the invisible conscious spirit into the afterlife world's characteristics, pure and cleanse the worship space.
4. Natural and Effective: For hundreds of years, white sage has been considered a sacred, cleansing, purifying and protective plant.
5. Wide Applications: Can be used for a new home, a new office and a new yoga, creating a positive atmosphere.

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